3 crises hit Raja and Wydad due to the African Cup of Nations and the World Cup

Wydad and Raja are big in the Moroccan League (AFP)

The two teams will face Raja Grandfather Major problems during the current football season, due to Morocco’s preparations to host the finals of the African Cup of Nations in 2025 and the 2030 World Cup jointly with Spain and Portugal, which will perhaps affect their local results in the Moroccan League and the Throne Cup competition, and Wydad’s continental participation in African Champions LeagueAs both Raja and Wydad face 3 real crises during the coming period.

Closing the stadium puts both teams in trouble

The two Moroccan football poles, Raja and Wydad, found themselves in real trouble after the closure of the Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca, where the two teams host their matches, after the organizing committee for the African Cup decided to subject the stadium to repairs on several levels, as it will be out of service until the end of 2024, which was imposed. The two teams must search for another stadium to host the upcoming matches, which is considered a strong blow to them this season.

The closure of Mohammed V Stadium and the absence of another stadium with good specifications in the city of Casablanca forced the two teams to search for a stadium in another city, which increases their annual financial expenses, and will also be an obstacle for supporters to travel every week to encourage them, whether it is Wydad or Raja in the future or a guest of the team. last.

Loss of important amounts of money

The Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca is considered an important source of financial income for the Raja and Wydad teams from the revenues of the fans who come every week in large numbers to support their team. This stadium also remains the most popular stadium in the Moroccan league due to the fan base of the two poles of Moroccan football, which is what the two teams will miss this season. After the stadium is closed, this will greatly affect the budget of the two teams, which are experiencing financial problems that they are trying to overcome, especially Raja.

The financial value that Raja and Wydad will lose with the closure of the Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca has prompted the management of the two teams to demand compensation from the responsible authorities. There is also an appeal to the fans to travel with their team in large numbers to revive the club’s treasury, as the fans’ income is considered a very important source for the Raja and Wydad teams.

Loss of receptionist and increased expenses

Once their stadium is closed, the Moroccan teams Raja and Wydad will have lost much of the support and backing that the two clubs find in matches in which they receive opponents in this stadium that witnesses historical matches, and has long been considered “hell” for the competitors, given the atmosphere created by the fans, who attend in large numbers. In every confrontation, it is an important and influential factor that they will miss this season.

Raja will host its matches at Al-Abdi Stadium in El Jadida, while Wydad will host its matches at the Grand Stadium in Marrakesh. This requires weekly movement on the two teams, which search every season to achieve titles locally and continentally.

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