3-4 Player Games Coming To VR

The student Table Tennis announced on Twitter that double play will soon be supported in multiplayer, allowing three out of four players to play at a single table.

The tweet embedded below indicated that duplication support would arrive along with the upcoming ‘Avatar 2.0’ update. The attached video shows four players all competing at the same table in doubles, using the new Meta avatars.

ONE answer tweet, answer a question about 2v1 matches, also confirmed that the update will support three players at the same table, but without automatic scoring.

The student’s next update is set to be a massive one, featuring several new features and overhauls of many existing systems. We know that a new menu and user interface redesign is on the way, which seems to provide a much smarter solution for players with easier navigation.

There is also the aforementioned avatar overhaul, which will transfer the game from the old Oculus avatars to the new Meta avatars instead. In addition to a completely new aesthetic, the new avatar system offers full support for the upper body with movable and connected arms. The original Oculus avatars only showed a floating face with interrupted hands / paddles, so this should be a big upgrade for immersion.

Student has been one of our favorite VR games for a while now. Not only is it a great, almost flawless version of table tennis made for VR, it’s even better when you play cordless on Quest headsets – so much so that it’s ranked # 10 in our top 25 Quest games.

The student was even so popular during the pandemic that the servers unexpectedly crashed under the load – you can read the whole story here.

We do not have any specific release windows yet, but keep an eye out for more details on the Student’s Avatar 2.0 update soon.


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