16% Plugin Vehicle Share In Chinese Auto Market!

16% Plugin Vehicle Share In Chinese Auto Market!

Plug-in vehicles are at the forefront of China, after achieving 325,000 registrations in October, an increase of 113% year over year (YoY). It is a particularly impressive achievement when we consider that the overall market was down 5%.

This pulls year-to-date (YTD) numbers to over 2.3 million units, and with additional record performance set to come within the last few months, we should have over 3 million registrations by the end of the year… almost three times as many as the 2020 result!

Share-wise, with October showing yet another great performance, plug-in vehicles hit 16% market share last month (13% full electric / BEVs). This drew the 2021 share to 13.7% (11.1% BEV), and given that the last quarter of the year is usually China’s strongest, we can now safely assume that the country’s market share for plug-in vehicles will end above 15% brand this year.

Another measure of the importance of this market is the fact that China alone represented over half of the global plug-in listings in October!

Looking at October’s bestsellers, we have the usual Wuling Mini EV winner at the top, followed by a Tesla and three BYDs.

Here is more info and comments about October’s top 5 best selling models:

# 1 – Wuling HongGuang Mini EV

With 39.128 registrations last month, the small four-seater won another bestseller title, adding another second place in the overall standings. With little Wuling ready to resume his track record in November, a 400,000+ score by the end of the year is likely for the little EV. With this kind of scale, it is natural for the joint venture company to make a profit on its star EV (probably a small one, admittedly), which opens up the possibility of exporting the vehicle. It also opens up opportunities for further product development. An announced refresh (slightly longer wheelbase, 26 kWh battery, more powerful electric motor, updated features) is already on the way to keep the model one step ahead of the competition. Wuling EV has become a trendsetter and a disruptive force in urban mobility, with the added bonus that people who buy it (mostly women under the age of 35) are usually an audience that is hard to catch. This is a new chapter in EV mobility.

# 2 – BYD Qin Plus PHEV (& # 5 BYD Qin Plus EV)

BYD Qin has been the bread and butter model for the Chinese automaker for a long time, and surfing on the wave of Han’s success, BYD went all in with its Qin Plus. With a 72 kWh battery in the EV version (and 18 kWh one in the PHEV version), for only 185,000 CNY ($ 28,300 USD) in the fully electric version, the mid-size model is very competitive. Both versions again broke records in October. PHEV version reached 17,503 registrations, wins the silver medal in the October plugin rankings while the BEV version had 8,405 registrations, allowing it to enter the top 5 for the first time ever. If we put both versions together, we get 25,908 registrations, which places Qin Plus in 8th place in the overall market!

# 3 – Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s latest addition to the range had its strongest first month so far in the quarter in China (13,303 registrations), which could mean one of two things – either Tesla is offsetting this model’s deliveries in China, or … the crossover is heading for a record month in December! Maybe over 40,000 units? With the little Wuling Mini EV definitely crossing that barrier in December and BYD Qin Plus also scoring something around that number, we might have a 100% plug-in podium in December’s overall market! And would it be too much to demand for Model 3 to get a top of 35,000 in December so we could get 4 plugins in the top 5? … Please, Santa, please …

# 4 – BYD Song Pro / Plus PHEV

The compact to medium-sized crossover from BYD has taken advantage of the spec updates of its Qin Plus sibling to become a force to be reckoned with, and has not only become the best-selling domestic model in the category, but also hoping to repeat the success of the Tesla Model Y. Will it be able to do so? I have my doubts. Qin Plus seems better prepared to run the Model 3, while the Model Y on the other hand will continue to benefit from the news factor for a while, something that the Model 3 lacks. At least with consecutive record performances, the most recent being October 11,316 th most common registrations, and using an also rising BEV version (4,588 registrations last month), the current 16,000 units make it possible to imagine an overall top 10 presence soon. So we have maybe 5 plugin models in the Chinese overall top 10 by December! Imagine that – half of China’s bestsellers are plugins! Now, it’s disruption.

# 6 – BYD Han EV

After a few months’ absence, BYD’s flagship model returned to the top 5 thanks to 8,287 registrations, its best score since January. If we include the PHEV version (2,800 sign-ups) with the BEV version, we get 11,087 registrations, making it three BYDs (Qin, Song and Han) above the 10,000 mark last month. That says a lot about the strength of the automaker’s lineup. And a 4th element may soon reach 5 digits … but more on that later. In terms of career for Han EV, BYD’s electric flagship model should continue to cross with around 8,000 registrations per month. It is the reference for all other full size models in the market.

Looking at the remaining bestseller table in October, the records continue abundantly, as 9 models had record performances in the top 20. In addition to the aforementioned BYDs, mention is also made of the rapid ramp-up of BYD Dolphin, which reached 6,018 registrations in just its 3rd month for sale, enabling it to reach the table for the first time. , and # 17.

Expect the compact EV to reach 5 digits soon, perhaps as early as December. Dolphin is expected to become BYD’s star player in 2022 – not only in Denmark, but especially in overseas markets, where the car manufacturer has high expectations for it.

But enough about BYD. Other models with record scores were # 8 Great Wall Good Car (7,845 units, a great result for the whimsical hatchback preparing for its landing in Europe in a few months) and # 10 Volkswagen ID.4 (7,430 units, showing that it continues with to rise in China – now for the 5th month in a row). A new brand that is rising is Pocco, with its Kei-like 4-seater DuoDuo (record with 6,018 registrations) already popping up in # 18 ± in just its 3rd month on the market! Below that we have # 19 SOL E10X (5,322 registrations) and # 20 Hozon Neta V (5,178 registrations). All of these models had record scores!

But outside of the top 20, there is also plenty to talk about. The compact XPeng G3 scored 3,657 records, the best result in a long time, while the Hozon Neta U (2,929 records) and Weltmeister E5 (3,171 records) boot models continued their ramp-up. Hozon and Weltmeister certainly hope to reach the top 20 in the near future.

Still in the start-up section, the challenging life for Seres seems to be in much calmer waters now, making it possible to focus on increasing production. Its mid-sized SF5 finally reached decent volumes, with the month of October with a record high of 2,205 registrations. For people who are less familiar with Seres (probably the vast majority of readers), this brand was originally established as SF Motors in 2016 in Santa Clara, California. ring a bell? It had Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard as strategic advisor, and this year Huawei partnered with the brand and helped it develop and market its models. With Huawei as backer, we should follow this startup closely.

Finally, we must mention the landing of VW ID.3, with 1,335 registrations. While this should not be the star of VW’s Chinese lineup – that role is for ID.4 – we should see that it has around 5,000 to 6,000 units / month, which helps the German brand regain ground to competitors.

Looking at the 2021 rankings, the podium rankings remained the same. But with the # 3 Model Y now only 6,000 units behind its braking Model 3 siblings, we should see these two shift position in December.

Immediately below the podium, the # 4 BYD Qin Plus PHEV distanced itself from the # 5 BYD Han EV, and if we were to add both versions of Qin Plus, BEV and PHEV together, the mid-size would have around 115,000 units, enough to beat the Model 3 and become the silver medal winner!

But the first position change only happened in # 11, where the BYD song PHEV jumped two positions in what was another positive month for the Shenzhen producer. In addition to the progress of the SUV, the Qin Plus EV was also up to # 14, while the Tang PHEV is now # 17.

Another model on the rise is the Great Walls Ora Good Cat, which climbed to # 18, while VW ID.4 entered the table in # 20, becoming only the 3rd foreign model in the top 20 – still well below both Teslas medium-sized. Looking at the bright side, at least the German crossover now appears on the radar. Will it remain in the top 20 until the end of the year?

Finally, we have another BYD on the way, with the compact Yuan EV less than 5,000 units off the table. We may see it join the table in the latter part of the 2021 race.

Looking at the car manufacturer’s ranking, BYD (18%, up 1 point) has strengthened its driving position. The Shenzhen automaker is now preparing to win its 8 the carmaker title, while the SGMW joint venture (15%, down 1 percentage point) is slowly slipping down as it lacks models to help the Wuling Mini EV’s great success.

Tesla (10%, down 1 point) is comfortable in 3rd place, while SAIC (6%) is stable in 4th place, followed by # 5 Great Wall, # 6 GAC and # 7 Changan, with 4% each. These are followed by a package of brands with a share of 3%, among them a rising Volkswagen.

Looking at OEMs, with BYD’s current market takeover, SAIC (21%, down 1 point) is feeling the heat. With only 3 percentage points separating them, we are heading for a surprise towards the end of the year.

The same can not be said about the best-selling breed of foreigners. Despite Volkswagen Group’s best efforts, its share (4%) is just not enough to annoy Tesla (10% market share).

Still, the latest sales spree has allowed the German conglomerate to reach 5th place in the OEM race, and with only 2,000 units separating it from # 4 Great Wall, we should soon see it climb another position and end the year straight outside the podium.

Now, after reaching 4th place in 2021, will the Volkswagen Group get close to the OEM podium next year? Please place your bets now. …

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