13 ways to improve this dual-Studio Display workstation [Setups]

How can we make this setup better?  Let's count the ways.

How can we make this setup better? Let’s count the ways.
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Among the eternal truths about computer setups, first comes “a setup is never finished.” And the second could be: “A setup can always be improved.” The user behind today’s featured setup definitely figured out #2 when he asked for advice on how to improve his M1 Max MacBook Pro and dual-Studio Display workstation.

Find all the advice below — jokes ‘n’ all — as well as all the setup’s excellent gear.

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All the ways Redditors would improve the user’s dual-Studio Display setup

Redditor Justice675 showcased the setup and asked for recommendations for possible improvements in a post titled, “Always looking for improvements! Let me know what you think!”

And since this is social media, the first comments on the post came in the form of jokes.

“[It’s] too busy with two studio monitors. Send me one,” said one commenter, hoping for a free $1,600 screen.

“A true minimalist would only use the screen on the MacBook. I’ll take the other Studio Display,” added another contender.

Baker’s dozen: 13 suggested improvements to the setup:

Here are the 13 improvements suggested by commenters. If you think of others, you can write them in the comments section below.

  1. Remove the Christmas lights and get an LED strip running along the back of the desk to provide low bias lighting.
  2. Add more plants to your corner shelves.
  3. Replace your blinds with cellular screens or curtains.
  4. Add a headphone stand or headphone hook under the desk for AirPods Max.
  5. Try a soft rubber mat for the chair so you can move more easily on the carpet.
  6. Or get chair wheels in soft rubber that roll on carpet and wood.
  7. Close the gap between the Studio screens by pushing them together.
  8. Bend AirPods Max headbands to fit better (Justice mentioned they hurt his “big head”).
  9. Bring the keyboard closer to you for better ergonomics, so you can reach it even with your elbows tucked into the sides.
  10. Consider going with a standard keyboard unless you depend on the 10 keys for work. It forces you to reach further for the mouse.
  11. Try using a keyboard/mouse tray under the desk for a more natural and comfortable position for typing. It frees up desktop space and you can tuck it away when you’re done working.
  12. Add a HomePod mini on the right side for stereo pairing.
  13. Get an ultra-wide screen.

And if you like the wallpaper displayed on the screens, you can get it here.

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