11 Best WordPress Themes for 2023

Have you been searching in vain for a good WordPress theme that you can use to create a website that perfectly matches your brand and vision?

Building a top-of-the-line website is no longer the complicated process you had to contend with just a few years ago. More often than not, it was something best left to the developers. The WordPress platform has changed all that with its thousands of quality WordPress themes to choose from.

Finding the best WordPress theme to suit your needs is still not easy. The search to find the ideal WordPress theme can test your patience.

We have done our best to simplify your search. We believe we have succeeded with this list of 11 best WordPress themes.

This large, beautiful and powerful multi-purpose WordPress theme is among the best in the business. 250,000+ satisfied users testify to its popularity. In terms of size, which easily translates into flexibility, BeTheme’s 40+ core features take care of this problem.

These core features include a 650+ pre-built website library, a wealth of design elements and options, and the most advanced page and website building tools on the market.

Powerful website building tools that BeTheme has at your fingertips include –

  • Be Builder is a fast, lightweight and super intuitive website builder for WordPress. One of Builder’s most convenient side-building features is viewing an element as you customize it.
  • Be Builder Blocks is a growing library of time-saving pre-built sections.
  • Be Builder Woo offers a quick and convenient way to design an online store with customer-centric shopping features like product previews, shopping cart, checkout, etc.
  • Be Themes Header Builder 2.0 has 14 pre-build headers, including mobile-ready and interactive titles.

A setup guide and helpful instructions are included. You have been invited to test the possibilities of the amazing Be Builder in this Live Demo.

“Build it your way.” could serve as Total’s slogan. Flexibility rules in terms of giving users everything they could ask for to build attractive, engaging and effective websites.

Total achieves this with its multitude of design options, customization options, layout choices, navigation options, dynamic template functionality, and the popular WPBakery frontend drag-and-drop page builder.

  • Total’s page builder blocks and add-on modules, post entry cards, animations, layout options and custom backgrounds make building a website quick and easy.
  • Total integrates fully with WooCommerce, has clean, developer-friendly code, and is RTL and translation ready.
  • The popular Slider Revolution plugin is included, and Total is compatible with many other popular plugins, including bbPress, Uber Menu, Easy Digital Downloads, and WPML, to name a few.

Click on the banner to learn more about everything that has pleased Total’s 48,000 users.

Blocksys’ prioritization of flexibility, extensibility, and speed has resulted in a WordPress theme that gives you full control over creating and customizing your site’s look and functionality as you build it.

These big Blocksy priorities find their way into this theme’s key features which consist of –

  • a user-friendly interface with options and integration with WooCommerce, Gutenberg, Elementor, Brizy & Beaver and Tutor LMS will give you a wealth of design approaches and options.

Other notable features of Blocksys include –

  • a Header Builder with a ton of customizable elements
  • a Footer Builder complete with a menu, social icons and a widget area.
  • Five types of content blocks

And not to forget, Blocksy is available! Click the banner to check it out. There is a Pro version of Blocksy, but the free version offers a lot.

The fact that Avada, with more than 750,000 users, is the #1 best-selling WordPress theme of all time should be reason enough to look into it.

  • This ultimate WordPress theme was created with speed and exceptional performance in mind.
  • Its WooCommerce builder is just what you need to create a store, cart, checkout and product layout customized for your brand.
  • features include 400+ pre-built web pages and 120+ design and layout elements.

There are no limits to what you can build in the way of attractive and engaging websites and online stores when you have Uncodes Creative and WooCommerce theme behind you.

Decode places at your fingertips –

  • its advanced Drag & Drop Product Builder, high performance Ajax product filters, swatches and excellent store layout
  • 70+ professionally designed prefab designs you can mix and match and 500+ Wireframe’s meticulously designed section templates.

TheGem creative WordPress theme is a swiss army knife of web design tools with its creative modern layouts, super fast load times and easy to use tools to build a professional website that will leave the competition in the dust.

Key features include –

  • Theme Builder to build headers, footers, products, popups, etc. in Elementor or WPBakery
  • 400+ pre-built importable websites and TheGem Blocks collection of 600+ pre-built site sections
  • Advanced WooCommerce tools to build pixel-perfect online stores.

If you’re thinking about building an online store, you can’t go wrong with WoodMart, ThemeForest’s highest rated eCommerce theme. Woodmart’s customization options are virtually limitless, while its drag-and-drop builder can reduce your workflow to a minimum.

WoodMart design features include –

  • 80+ pre-built websites
  • Elementor store and product page builders with a variety of product page display options and Elementor’s custom checkout
  • An AJAX store complete with AJAX store filters and product samples.

The Rey WooCommerce theme takes building a WooCommerce website to an exciting new level with its powerful Elementor and WooCommerce integrations combined with WordPress’ sophisticated engine.

Rey’s other key features include:

  • A valuable selection of prefabricated designs
  • A selection of Elementor widgets designed to cover most website design situations
  • Ajax navigation and filters designed to simplify your site’s browsing and navigation functionality.

Rey is performance oriented, responsive, developer and SEO friendly.

Litho is creative and modern and highly customizable. This WordPress Elementor theme is fully integrated with Elementor, the world’s #1 free page builder.

  • With Litho, you have the tools to easily create any kind of business niche, portfolio, blog or e-commerce website.
  • Lithos design features include 37+ ready-made websites, 200+ creative elements, 300+ templates and the popular Slider Revolution plugin.
  • Online detailed documentation is also included.

Vault’s variety of design tools and design options packed into a single framework makes website building as simple as one-two-three.

  • Start choosing from Vault’s 50+ complete websites, 1200+ template blocks, and 230+ premium widgets.
  • Put the next generation theme settings panel into play with its beautiful interactions and animations.
  • Pull it all together with Vault’s interactive design tools and customization options.

And you’ll end up with a modern, engaging, high-performing website.

KnowAll is simply the most powerful WordPress Knowledge Base theme on the market. All the tools are there to help you build a high-performance and easy-to-use knowledge base.

  • KnowAll’s advanced analytics will give you excellent awareness of how visitors are using your knowledge base.
  • KnowAll’s visitor feedback will give you a better understanding of what content visitors find valuable and engaging, and what articles may be less useful.


Each of the 11 best WordPress themes listed here are known for their high-quality design. Also for their impressive selection of demos, pre-built layouts and templates. Each offers a ton of customization options, options, and other really useful features. They are designed to make your website serve its purpose effectively and efficiently.

These very popular WordPress themes were chosen for a reason. Whichever you choose, you’ll be well on your way to creating an excellent product.

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