🔴 River vs. Arsenal, LIVE: minute by minute of the Professional League Cup match

River receives Sarandí Arsenal at the Monumental stadium, for the fourth date of the Professional League Cup. The team of Martin Demichelis They are looking for a victory after the defeat they suffered against Vélez at the José Amalfitani, against a rival that is fighting not to be relegated.

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Arsenal was saved: Enzo Pérez burst the crossbar

In a great play, the River captain was one-on-one, but the shot hit the crossbar and prevented River from scoring.

River goal: Miguel Borja scored 3-1 against Arsenal

The VAR called Fernando Espinoza, the referee awarded a penalty and the Colombian changed it to a goal: he kicked hard and crossed to stretch the Millionaire’s advantage.

River complicated itself and the Monumental made itself heard

The team led by Martín Demichelis had the game under control, but the level dropped and Arsenal got into the game. The fans got tired and started singing: “Move, River, move. Move and stop fucking around. This fan is crazy, we can’t lose today.”

Arsenal goal: Juan Bautista Cejas scored 2-1 against River

Arse’s discount was with great fortune and complicity: a center that deflected on the head of Nacho Fernández, Franco Armani miscalculated and the ball went in after hitting. El Milonario only got involved in a match that was controlled.

River was saved: Leandro Moreira missed it under the goal

The forward took advantage of the fact that the Millonario defense fell asleep and was left alone after Adrián Sporle’s center, but he botched the ball and could not score the discount.

The second half starts: River beats Arsenal 2-0 for the League Cup

Núñez’s team wins the Monumental thanks to goals from Miguel Borja and Nicolás De la Cruz.

End of the first half: River beats Arsenal 2-0 for the League Cup

El Millonario prevails thanks to his hierarchy: the richest team in Argentine football practically does not let the bottom of the table touch the ball.

River goal: Nicolás De la Cruz scored 2-0 against Arsenal

The Uruguayan midfielder hit him from very far away and it was impossible for goalkeeper Alejandro Medina. The Millionaire imposes the conditions at the Monumental and defeats his rival who cannot find the ball.

River controls the game and Arsenal cannot find the ball

El Millonario recovers quickly and seeks to generate danger from possession: De la Cruz, Lanzini, Barco and Nacho Fernández take advantage of the spaces.

The unexpected gesture of Miguel Borja with Martín Demichelis in the River game

Miguel Borja hugged Martín Demichelis (Capture: ESPN Premium)

The Colombian scored after three minutes at the Monumental stadium and ran to the substitute bench.

River They quickly chased away the ghosts by taking the lead three minutes into the game against Arsenal for the fourth round of the League Cup. The Colombian Miguel Borja was in charge of opening the scoring and, in his celebration, he had a gesture of strong support for coach Martín Demichelis.

River goal: Miguel Borja scored 1-0 against Arsenal

In the first play of the game, with a little luck, the Colombian deflected a pass from Nacho Fernández and went over the goalkeeper. From the beginning, the Millionaire is at an advantage.

The match has started: River faces Arsenal for the Professional League Cup

Martín Demichelis’ team needs a win to reverse the image shown in the defeat against Vélez.

EL Monumental spoke: River fans had an apathetic reaction when the voice of the stadium named Martín Demichelis

Martín Demichelis, River coach. (Photo: Fotobaires).

In the run-up to the Millionaire’s match against Arsenal, the starting lineup and substitutes were announced. The supporters who approached the Monumental applauded several leaders, but everything changed with the coach.

River wants to leave behind the defeat against Vélez in the match against Arsenal for date 4 of the League Cup. With Martin Demichelis In the eye of the storm, the Millonario fans gave the coach a lukewarm response.

Enzo Pérez, the captain of River Plate

(Photo: River Plate Press)

The central midfielder will start the match against Arsenal.

This is what River’s locker room looks like before the game

(Photo: River Plate Press)

El Millonario has everything ready to face Arsenal at the Monumental.

The history between River and Arsenal

They faced each other 31 times in professionalism, since Arsenal did not exist in amateurism. River won 14 games, Arsenal won 6 and tied 11 times.

Confirmed Arsenal formation to face River

Federico Vilar wants to make a big splash at the Monumental and chose this team to achieve it.
Alexander Medina; Luke Brochero, Nestor Breitenbruch, Joaquin Pombo, Ignatius Gariglio, Adrian Sporle; Lautaro Guzman, Gonzalo Muscia, Braian Rivero, Alfredo Yellow; Leandro Moreira.

Confirmed River formation to face Arsenal

Martín Demichelis chose these eleven players to face the last of both tables.
Franco Armani; James Simon, Paul Diaz, Ramiro Funes Mori, Milton Helmet; Enzo Perez, Nicholas of the Cross; Manuel Lanzini, Nacho Fernandez; Ezequiel Ship and Michael Angel Borja.

All the data from River against Arsenal for the Professional League Cup

The match will be played from 7:30 p.m. at the Monumental. The transmission will be carried out by ESPN Premium and the referee will be Fernando Espinoza.

This is how the River players arrived at the Monumental

The Millonario team is at home: it needs to beat Arsenal to reverse the image shown in the defeat against Vélez.

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