🔴 IN PLAY | Estudiantes de Río Cuarto draw goalless against Atlético de Rafaela due to the return of the Reduced

Estudiantes de Río Cuarto draw 0-0 against Atlético de Rafaela in the second leg of the Reduced First National. With the partial tie, León is the one who advances to the round due to the sporting advantage: they finished fourth with 55 points in the regular phase, while those from Santa Fe finished in the same position but with two points less.

At 14 minutes into the first half, León made their first change: Gonzalo Maffini was injured and Leonardo Flores came on.

In the first minutes of the game, Estudiantes felt the danger that the Santa Fe team generated, but they did not stop attacking.

The match was stopped after 30 minutes of play to wait for the ambulance, because Lucas Landa (Students player) was taken to the hospital after a strong collision with Ignacio Lago, who was reprimanded. Federico López replaced him at León.

Estudiantes de Río Cuarto face Atlético Rafaela for the first leg of the First National.  (Tomás Fragueiro / The Voice)
Estudiantes de Río Cuarto face Atlético Rafaela for the first leg of the First National. (Tomás Fragueiro / The Voice)

Thus, León’s two center backs (Maffini and Landa) were substituted before the end of the first half.

At 42 minutes, Luis Silba had one to put León ahead but the shot was just wide.

Gastón Arturia, who was reprimanded after 45 minutes, was the only León player who finished the first half with yellow. While, on Rafaela’s side, Lago and Fontanini were the ones who ended the first half penalized.

The second half began with Nery Leyes on the court and Mauro Valiente came out. While at Atlético Nicolás Delgadillo entered for Nicolás Laméndola.

Six minutes into the complement, Ayrton Portillo was cautioned for the Santa Fe team, the third.

Luis Silba was the second cautioned in León, at 11 minutes, for not allowing the rival goalkeeper to serve.

At 31 minutes, the fourth yellow card came for La Crema, because Facundo Soloa was reprimanded. At the same time, Iván Defino made two changes to León: Renzo Reynaga and Guillermo Villalba came in for Luis Silba and Mateo Bajamich, respectively.

At 37 minutes, a shot by Leonardo Flores hit the post after taking advantage of a distraction from the sky blue defense. Meanwhile, the cautioned Facundo Soloa was replaced by Nazareno Funez at Atlético de Rafael.

Renzo Reynaga, in the 45th minute, was cautioned for faking a foul inside the light blue area. He was the third cautioned on the Río Cuarto team.

At 46 minutes, Gino Albertengo replaced the light blue number ten, Alex Luna, to touch the last balls.

The result of the trip

In the first leg, Estudiantes and Atlético de Rafaela tied without goals, even so León has an advantage.

The second semi-final of the Reduced

Deportivo Maipú is the one who awaits the winner of this match to play their semi-final date of the Reduced First National.

The formation of Estudiantes de Río Cuarto and Atlético Rafaela

The matches and the fixture of the First National

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