‎Microsoft Teams on the App Store

Praise: Internal integration of various technologies (Skype, Sharepoint, Outlook Calendar, etc.) and external connection with Office 365 components is hassle-free and functional. Especially features for remote meetings, including chat, desktop sharing, audio, all work well within our corporate network. Also client-based app and web-based app have essentially the same functionality and appearance, which is definitely preferable. iPhone-based mobile app works well so far. Very good compliment to the most important Teams use on my company’s Microsoft Surface Pro.

Criticism: I was never a fan of the Sharepoint-based file presentation and interface. Windows Explorer in detailed mode using libraries, shortcuts, etc. Preferred for file management. Sharepoint file presentation may be required for tablet devices. I am a longtime laptop click user.

In meetings, it was also not obvious how the control bar should appear again (eg Activate silent) when the control bar disappeared automatically. I learned how in the end, but guidance on such important topics should be more prominent. I had to chase a solution.

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