New protections for Enhanced Safe Browsing users in Chrome

Posted by Badr Salmi, Google Safe Browsing & Varun Khaneja, Chrome Security In 2020, we launched Enhanced Safe Browsing, which you can enable in your Chrome security settings with the aim of significantly increasing Internet security. These enhancements are built on top of existing security mechanisms that already protect billions of devices. Since its initial … Read more

Challenge: Build an app that recognizes custom audio through ShazamKit – Discover

ShazamKit allows you to generate and use custom audio catalogs inside your app to recognize audio “in nature”. This challenge invites you to dream about your own sound matching experience while working on a pilot project. ShazamKit accepts audio signatures from any source: music, a movie soundtrack or spoken words. For example, a camera app … Read more

iMore Show 772: MacBook Season

This week on the iMore Show, we talk Apple Watch Series 7, Facebook’s awful Monday, and look forward to next year’s iPhones. Now, listen Subscribe in iTunes: Audio Subscribe in RSS: Audio Download directly: Audio Links Sponsors Capital One: Machine learning at Capital One. Capital One. What’s in your wallet? Hosts Be a part of … Read more